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video- slow motion of tire over flush tire spikes

Do you want to worry about angry people in your office because the one-way tire spike system you bought was clipping their tires? Do you want to have to pay for hundreds of tires? This can happen with most tire spikes.

So you never have to worry about these issues, PMG developed a special spike or blade, with a flat head. Click on this slow motion video below so you can see for yourself that the tire going over the system in the correct direction, never makes contact with the tip of the blade. Even with our sharpened blades, the tire only makes contact with the flat side. This protects the tire, but slices the tire of vehicles coming the wrong direction.

You can be confident in your tire spike system by PMG because the flat head and flat side never contact the tire. Yet you are secure because those traveling the wrong way drive into the sharpened edge of the blade.