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Treadle Tire Spikes

Surface and Flush Mounted Directional, One way tire spikes, or treadle tire spike systems.

Surface Mounted Tire Spikes

directional, one way tire spike, tire treadle system

Low cost, directional, one way tire spike systems. Also known as treadles, tire shredders, or tire spikes. These systems are economic ways to protect property or control traffic.

The one way tire spike systems by PMG can be purchased for flush mounted or surface mounted applications.

Both systems provide for secure road access control. They can be used at unmanned roads to limit access. Or they can be used at manned gates or booths with arms, control pads, lights or other road access systems.

Flush Mounted Tire Spike Systems

flush mounted one way tire spike

Since you are at this site, you have the responsibility of protecting people and property using a road access system. You want to make sure you buy a tire spike system you know will do the job. You want to feel confident the tire spikes you buy will be dependable, and provide years of worry-free operation. Learning about the details of tire spike systems will help prevent arguments with frustrated maintenance people, or contractors. Finally, you want to make sure you receive a good value. Nothing is more expensive than a cheap system which needs replaced many times over.

Because a lot of tire spike systems look "basically" the same, it can be difficult to know what separates one system from another. Read below for the information on how to decide. This information is provided to help you avoid frustration, spending unnecessary money, and worry. The right tire spike system will provide you with easy installation, worry-free operations and is highly effective.

Your time is valuable. Read below for a summary of these systems or how to use this site quickly if you know what you want.

  Where to find the information you want and how to quickly use this site.

On this page you are provided with an overview of the surface and flush mounted, spring activated one-way tire spikes.

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If you want information on two-way or multi-directional road control, the Road Blade is for you. Please go to the Road Blade section of the drop down menu above. Or you can click here for the overview page on the Road Blade.

On each page you will see a copy of "Our Promise to You". This is placed on each page so you know how we work to treat you as a customer. This promise is important so you have the peace of mind knowing you are dealing with people who try to do business the right way.

Our Promise to YOU.

When you buy any tire shredders from PMG, you will experience years of worry-free operation because the parts you bought are of the highest quality. Our warranty is in place to protect you, and for you to feel secure knowing you are doing business with a company which has been in business for over 20 years and has over 2103 customers. You will feel secure knowing you are receiving a highly effective tire shredding system, which will protect the people and property for which you are responsible. We work so you feel you received an amazing value since we spend time on the details to make your product the best on the market. We will give you the information you need to purchase any system so you do not over-buy or under-buy for your specific need.
In short, we will treat you how we would want to be treated if we were calling you.

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If you are responsible to find an economical, one way tire spike system which will protect your property, is designed to last, and provide you with easy, worry-free maintenance, the directional tire spike by PMG will meet your needs.

Whether you are searching for a flush mounted tire spike system where the top of the unit is flush, or even, with the road surface; or you want surface mounted tire spikes which can quickly be installed and last for up to 900,000* cycles, continue to read below to find how the systems by PMG were designed to save you time, frustration, and money.

Because a lot of systems look "basically" the same it can be difficult to know what separates one system from another. This site tries to share with you what we would want to know if we were just starting to look for any tire shredder system.

Flush Mounted, Spring Activated, Directional One Way Tire Spike Systems

tire spike systems
flush mounted tire shredder
close up of directional, spring activated flush mounted tire killer

You receive years of service with this dependable, solid, high quality flush mounted tire spike system. You can place these in parking lots, car rental lots, intermodals, or military gates. Any place you want to control road access and have a system which is flush, or even with the road surface.

Customers have used these at auto auction sites and intermodals to stop theft. These have been placed on applications from military bases to airports to 18 spot parking lots.

One way tire spike systems can be placed on unmanned roads. This would allow people to leave but restrict vehicles from coming in. Tire spike systems can be used at gates or booths and in conjunction with arms, lights or other access control accessories. You can see in these videos how a surface mounted system can be integrated with an arm. Click here for the first video, and click here for the second video.

The Details Which Make the Difference:

Avoid arguments, complications and frustration by using a tire spike systems from PMG. PMG was first to introduce a number of innovations which prevent potential issues while at the same time making installation and maintenance easier. This saves you money up front and over time.

Avoid Tire Clippings

For any flush mounted tire spike system, when certain cars drive over systems using standard straight blades tires can get "clipped". In the background of the picture you will see the top of the tire about to roll over the tip of a straight blade. Because the blade is straight, the tire can catch the end, or tip, of the blade and "clip" or "pinch" the tire as it rolls forward. This rips out little pieces of tire each time the car drives over the spike.

The clipping of tires can be especially costly in employee parking lots, or any place where the same people are going over the tire spike on a consistent basis. One customer had to replace hundreds of tires after installing a tire spike system with straight blades in their employee parking lot.

tire spike close up

Designed to save you money with easy maintenance.

The directional one way tire spike by PMG solved this by angling the spike and machining out a flat head. You can see in the foreground of the picture how this allows cars driving over the spike in the correct direction to never have contact between the tip of the blade and the tire.

Easier Maintenance and Installation mean savings to your bottom line.

Tire treadles spike systems by PMG were the first to use counter sunk holes which allowed for the use of hex head bolts. When we started we used tapered allen head bolts like everyone else. But we found that all systems which used these had problems alter on. The allen head would strip, sometimes requiring maintenance to spend hours tapping out the bolt for a simple spring replacement. While this was less expensive for us to build, our customers were frustrated. So it was easier on our customers, we introduced counter sunk holes to allow for hex head bolts to solve stripped allen head bolts.  The hex head bolt can be easily removed with any socket set.

Tire spike systems by PMG incoprorate other features designed to save you money and frustration with installation and maintenance. You can click here to see more details.

Better options where snow is and issue. 

For systems where snow is encountered during the winter, truly flush tire spike systems will not interfere with snow removal. Incorporating the optional heating elements will melt snow for 8 inches on either side.  This will keep someone from having to shovel the system when plows and road crews work around the spike systems.

one way directional tire shredder or tire spike

Sharpened Blades

Know you are safe and the people and property you are protecting are secure. When you buy flush mounted owe way tire spike systems from PMG, more than anything else, you want to make sure when needed, the system works. The sharpened blades will dig into and slice the tires of any vehicle traveling the wrong way. These blades will put a vehicle on it's rims in seconds, and render the vehicle immobilized.

Surface Mounted, Spring Activated, Directional, One Way Tire Spikes

Portable Surface mounted Roadblade Tire killer
tire shredder
tire treddles with end cap

When you buy a surface mounted tire spikes by PMG it can be installed easily and quickly with bolts on concrete. No major construction is required, even on concrete roads. Asphalt installations can be done with either special epoxy alone, or double bonded for additional security, with epoxy and bolts.

You can have a road protected within hours of receiving your systems.

Surface mounted tire spikes are economical methods to secure road access. They can be used at either manned or unmanned access points. Lights, arms, or gates can be used in conjunction with surface mounted tire spikes.

Save money with a system designed for easy maintenance.

The longer a system takes to maintain, the more money you have to spend. Heavy duty, specially ordered, springs are used in the surface mounted tire spikes by PMG. These springs are designed to last 150,000 cycles. At 5 mph these systems have been tested to last as long as 973,202 cycles. Used enough, all systems will eventually need springs, teeth, or sections replaced.

Tire spikes are on the road and will collect dirt, water and debris. Because the base is solid in the tire spikes by PMG, this restricts debris from quickly collecting inside your system. Less debris mean less maintenance hassles. In addition, having a solid base make cleaning out of the modules a lot easier. Less time on maintenance is less money spent on the system.

Some competitors force you to tear up the entire section. Since cars will typically run over the same pattern, you don't need to replace entire lengths. Save yourself time, money and frustration with our easy to access system. All your people need to do is unbolt 8 bolts. This gains you access to a 3 blade section. Its easy and affordable enough to swap out this single 3 blade section. You now have easy access to the springs, blades and other components. If all that is required is replacing a few of these items, this is all you need to do. This can be done economically and in a few minutes. This can be done by one person, you don't need two people to lift a heavy 3 foot section.

The right system for your needs.

You can feel comfortable knowing we will work with you to determine the system you need. You wont feel taken advantage here by someone trying to over-sell you. Some competitors are trying to 'up-sell' unsuspecting people with ratings which the customer will never need. These people are offering systems rated at up to 100,000 lbs. per axel.  Read below for a summary of why this is most often a waste. Or if you like more details, click here.

We work with you to help you determine how much system to buy. If the system is going in a parking lot, there is no need to over-pay. Even if the system is going in an intermodal or other application with class 8 trucks (18 wheelers) most often they most they need is a 35,000lbs per axle system. Buying more is a waste of your money. Its like paying to paint the same house with 5 coats. The additional 2- 3 coats don't really do anything but add a lot of extra, unnecessary, costs.

Federal Regulations On Weight Limits:

The Intermodal Surface Transportations Efficiency Act of 1991 (Click on this link to go to a D.O.T. history and summary page. Scroll to bottom of page to see summary), limits the maximum load for interstate travel to be limited to 20,000 lbs. per axel. In some specific circumstances, some states will issue special permits which allow up to 35,000 lbs per axel.

To put this into perspective, according to Ford's own website, the 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum weights only 4,458 lbs. With two axels, this Explorer, loaded with people and luggage is going to have a maximum of about 3000 lbs per axel.Even military applications which exceed 35,000 lbs per axel, are very, very rare. This is per axel, not total vehicle weight, or gross vehicle weight (GVW). The GVW of the  largest Abrams tank (the M1A2 SEP) weights in at less than 127,000 lbs. This is only slightly more than the 120,000 lbs gross vehicle weight most states allow, and still less than the 155,000lbs for 5 axel trucks a few states permit.

In short, when you buy your tire spikes from PMG, you will feel comfortable you bought the correct system for your needs.

If you are looking for either flush or surface mounted tire spikes, a simple call today will start your free consultation. We will work with you and promise to treat you how we would want to be treated if we were calling you.

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