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Tire spikes for perimeter access control points (ACP)

Military Applications:

Tire Shredders for Perimeter Access Control Points (ACP)

surface tire spikes with gate
access control points tire spikes (ACP)
flush mounted one way tire spike


Tire Shredder systems secure access control points with dependable, reliable, and highly effective vehicle immobilization tire spikes. You can be confident, that when needed, the system works- every time.  One-way tire shredders are perfect for unmanned restricted gates. Either flush or surface mounted systems are spring loaded and are effective perimeter and road access control systems for where no electricity is available, or only limited on demand power is available.

At manned guard gates or booths, tire shredders help determine intent of unauthorized vehicles, or vehicles traveling in the wrong direction, and provide precious seconds for the appropriate response, while putting a  vehicle on its rims in seconds.

If you have been given the responsibility to buy a tire shredding or vehicle immobilization system for Access Control Points (ACP) then buying your tire shredding system from PMG meet your needs. From Desron 22 to Ft Bragg. From Offut Air Force Base to Boarder Crossings, you will find PMG systems helping secure access control points domestically and abroad.

DOD 5200.8-R Physical Security Program.

This "regulation requires DOD components to determine necessary access control based on requirements of a developed physical security program... Emergency planning is specified to include establishment of a system for positive id of personnel and equipment authorized to enter and exit the installation and maintenance of adequate physical barriers that will be deployed to control access to the installation."

"...the PRB (permanent road blade)...provides final denial for controlled perimeter requirement outlined in the Unified Facilities Criteria."

Commander's update brief, FB DES ops.

Here you will find information on one-way tire shredders. You will find information on both surface mounted and flush mounted tire shredders which provide depenadable road access control at ACPs. Often, either a flush mounted or surface mounted one-way tire shredder is used in conjunction with the Road Blade, a multi-directional, on demand system. If you want information on the Road Blade please use either the drop down in the menu above, or click here.


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First and Foremost, a Tire Shredder needs to Do it's Job.

Its your responsibility to protect the property and personnel of your base. You want to know the tire shredding system you put out on any access control point will work when called upon. When you buy a tire shredder from PMG, you will be confident the system is made in the United States and will do its job.

Tire Shredder with truck on rims at access control points
one way directional flush mounte tire killer
on rims at access control point (ACP)

These systems can be stand alone systems. Or, one-way tire shredders can be integrated with additional access control systems such as lights, arms, key pads, bollards and more. A surface mounted or flush mounted tire shredder can be installed at ACP with limited terrain. They will provide minimal damage to the vehicle yet, provide clear intent of purpose and additional time to react appropriately.

Quality, dependable equipment

You can feel confident the parts are of the highest quality because all surface and flush mounted tire shredding systems are manufactured in the United States. All component parts are made on computer numerically controlled (C.N.C.) milling and drilling machines. This means all pieces are made the exact same and fit together to provide the highest quality equipment. Parts made 15 years ago are interchangeable with the same parts made today.

The springs are specially designed and are made to last 150,000 cycles with vehicles approaching at 5 mph. In testing they have lasted up to 973,202 cycles.

A Strong base, or foundation, is always better than a weak

Some competitors cut corners by taking the steel plate they cut out components and use this as a base plate. A base plate is the bottom plate where the rest of the module is attached. Some bolt their modules to the base plate. To make the system as strong as possible, we weld the module to the base plate. Their system doesn't have a solid base plate. It is a flimsy skeleton of a plate filled with cut out shapes, bolted to their modules.

A comparison of our base plate (top) to an actual competitor's. A customer who's system failed prematurely replaced his old system when they bought new PMG surface mounted tire spikes. This was the bottom plate on the customer's original system.

At Ft Bragg our systems have 500o cars per day going over them. So you can have a reliable, dependable system which can handle 5000 cars, or 5 cars per day, we don't cut corners.

tire killers base plate

Better Road Fit.

If your access control point is 12 feet wide, then our system or the competitor's 6 foot systems will both provide complete road coverage. But, if your access point is only 9 or 10 feet wide, then using the competitors systems you will leave 33% to 40% of the road unguarded.
This is one of the reasons we offer our systems in 3 foot and 1 foot sections. This provides you with end to end coverage of your road.

If needed, we have shipped to APO addresses. We don't recommend this as it is expensive. But if something creates a need for emergency coverage at a perimeter access control point  - it can be done. This isn't an option with a  6 foot system.

Economical systems to buy, install and maintain. 

Depening on if you are looking to buy a surface mount, or flush mount one-way tire shredder, or even a mulit-directional Road Blade, all of our systems are economical. We go to great lengths to save you money at installation by providing as easy as possible design. we take strides to make sure it is as contractor friendly as possible. This saves you from wasting money from overly long installs, and avoids frustration nd arguments with contractors.

We even make the system so it is easy to maintain. Counter sunk hex head bolts on our flush mounted tire shredders avoid stripped allen head bolts. The interchangeability of the sections allow for a low use internal section to be quickly and easily interchanged with a highly used out section. This keeps your access control point secure while waiting for replacements for wear and tare parts. Even the solid bases provide for easier cleaning of the modules.

Want more details? 

We provide greater detail on both the surface and flush mounted tire shredders. You can access more information from the drop downs in the top menu.

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If you want,  click here for more information on the one-way flush mounted tire shredding system.

Again, if you are looking for on-demand multi-directional systems, then click here for our Road Blade which will meet your requirements.

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