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Surface Mounted Tire Spikes

Surface Mounted, Spring Activated, Directional, One Way Tire Spikes

Portable Surface mounted Roadblade Tire killer
surface mounted tire spikes at gate
surface mounted tire killers

An economical, and highly effective one-way road access control system. Surface mounted tire spikes are very economical to install. In addition, mention visiting our site and receive two FREE upgrades listed below.

The directional,  surface mounted tire spikes can be mounted directly to the road surface in under 20 minutes, and ready for use in a few hours. Surface mounted tire spikes by PMG can withstand 20,000 lbs. per axel.

Allows for unmanned one-way access control of any road. Also can be used with arms, lights, or by-themselves.

Our Promise to YOU.

When you buy surface mounted tire spikes from PMG, you will experience years of worry-free operation because the parts you bought are of the highest quality. Our warranty is in place to protect you, and for you to feel secure knowing you are doing business with a company which has been in business for over 20 years and has over 2103 customers. You will feel secure knowing you are receiving a highly effective tire shredding system, which will protect the people and property for which you are responsible. We want you to feel you received an amazing value since we spend time on the details to make your product last longer as well as the easiest, most cost effective system to install. We will give you the information you need to purchase any system so you do not over-buy or under-buy for your specific need. 

In short, we will treat you how we would want to be treated if we were calling you.

Prefer to talk about your road access control needs? Call us at 888-876-2377.

Very Economical One-Way Road access control

tire killers at gate

Great value one-way tire spikes. Built to provide you with worry free use, easy maintenance, at a great price.

Built to last using:

  • 1/4" steel plate, with 1/2"option available where needed (read below)
  • 36 point weld point process
  • Solid base plates
  • Welded, not bolted, modules to base plates
  • Specially designed springs and teeth
  • Built to handle 35,000 lbs. per axe
  • FREE latch down feature and anti-slip paint available
  • For more information, please see below

Better Road sizing options.

Most single lane roads are 9 feet-10 feet wide. The industry standard for tire spikes is 3 feet sections. Therefore if your road is only 8 feet wide, or 11 feet wide you have unprotected sections. For your convenience we offer our units in 1 foot sections. So this makes it easier for you to size and cover the entire road.

This also makes shipping and handling much easier. Down the road when you have to replace a section, instead of replacing an entire 3 foot piece, you may only need one or two sections.

What you need to know about tire spikes and axel weights.

Some competitors are trying to "upsell" customers. They are 'offering' to sell unsuspecting people something the competitors know the customer will never need. They are upselling to systems which are rated to handle up to 100,000lbs per axel.

Customers need to know their application. If the system is going in a parking lot, there is no need to over-pay. Even if the system is going in an intermodal or other application where class 8 trucks (18 wheelers) are using the system, this is still not needed. Its like paying to paint the same house with 5 coats. The additional 2- 3 coats don't really do anything but add a lot of extra, unnecessary, costs.

Federal Regulations On Weight Limits:

The Intermodal Surface Transportations Efficiency Act of 1991 (Click on this link to go to a D.O.T. history and summary page. Scroll to bottom of page to see summary.), limits the maximum load for interstate travel to be limited to 20,000 lbs. per axel. In some specific circumstances, some states will issue special permits which allow up to 35,000 lbs per axel.

To put this into perspective, according to Ford's own website, the 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum weights only 4,458 lbs. With two axels, this Explorer, loaded with people and luggage is going to have a maximum of about 3000 lbs per axel.

Even military applications which exceed 35,000 lbs per axel, are very, very rare. This is per axel, not total vehicle weight, or gross vehicle weight. The largest Abrams tank (the M1A2 SEP) weights in at less than 127,000 lbs. This is only slightly more than the 120,000 lbs gross vehicle weight most states allow, and still less than the 155,000lbs for 5 axel trucks a few states permit. This means more than 98% of the surface mounted tire spikes will never see loads anywhere close to the 35,000 lbs per axel limit. The other 2% are comprised almost exclusively of military applications.

What is the real warranty?

Another issue for you to be aware of so you don't get burnt, is the fine print in these warranties. The warranty you receive is only as good as the company standing behind it. We were told one competitor who is selling these overly high "ratings" has some fine print for you to be aware. The "warranty" only applies up to 5mph. Any speed over 5 mph voids the warranty. In addition, its on YOU to prove the truck going over their system when it failed, was traveling at or below 5 mph.

Bottom Line:

Getting people to over pay for a system rated at 75,000, 90,000 or 100,000 lbs. - while knowing full well all they need is 20,000 lbs., and maybe on very rare instances,  35,000 lbs. doesn't feel right.  Yet, some will say "if it can handle 100,000 lbs. than it should last longer..."  While this sounds logical, this isn't exactly correct. Remember, since most of the systems used at car lots, parking lots, rental lots, etc. they will only ever undergo 3,000 lbs. per axel. Systems at intermodals or truck stops will mostly see 20,000 lbs, but in a few cases systems could be at locations with trucks having 35,000 lbs. per axel.

Most of all, if it is designed and properly built to handle 35,000lbs, paying a heavy premium for a rating you don't need, is a waste of money. Click here to see a video of a system which the customer bought from PMG in 2009 which does handle 20,000 lbs and 32,000 lbs per axel daily. The system still works great, and the customer didn't pay for more than what he needed.

Finally, if the premium was a few dollars, that would be one thing. But paying 30%, 50%, even 60% more for what isn't needed, is something else. Adding fine print to place the onus on you to prove their warranty wasn't violated, especially isn't fair to you. This is like owning a house valued at $200,000 and having a 'trusted' agent sell you insurance for $1,000,000. He knows even if you loose everything, you still are way over-paying for the insurance you need. This extra just went to his bottom line.

Yes, we offer a 1/2" plate system to handle these weights.

But this is for one of two people. First and foremost, military applications. As we said, even those are extremely rare (we have systems in over 30 military bases and boarder crossing locations) and none of these applications required these limits. But we do have it available if its needed. The second is the customer whom insists on these high ratings. We ONLY sell these systems after we explain everything you just read. Our job is to treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were calling you. If after we have explained the above and a customer understands and still wants this rating, only then do we sell them.

BY FAR our most popular tire spikes use the 1/4" plate. This offers a great combination of quality while being cost effective.


Tire Spikes can be installed for a very low cost, easily and quickly.

Surface mounted tire spikes by PMG  can be installed easily and quickly with bolts on concrete. Therefore no major construction is required to install the surface mounted tire spikes by PMG on concrete roads.  Asphalt installations can be done with either special epoxy alone, or double bonded for additional security, with epoxy and bolts.

     Asphalt Installations:

Since nearly all asphalt roads are laid over top dirt, bolts alone will not hold any surface mounted unit properly. This is due to the fact there is simply not enough material for the bolt to grip. Yet installation is still very inexpensive. All that is needed is the gel paste thixotropic construction epoxy available here. Your maintenance crew can install a system while just using a caulking gun.  All they do is lay down a bead of the epoxy where the tire spikes will go. This epoxy fills voids between asphalt and the modules. Used as an adhesive, the gel paste will stay in place, where a liquid epoxy may run out and not give you as good a bond.

Using bolts on concrete, or epoxy/ epoxy and bolts, on asphalt, installation is quick and easy. No need to bring in special contractors. Any maintenance person can install a 10 foot road in 20 mins. Another few hours for the epoxy to cure, and you have a low cost tire spikes system in place.

Quality Tire Spikes

You will have years of worry-free operation* because all components are manufactured in house, in the United States. C.N.C. (computerized numerically controlled) milling centers are used to guarantee the quality of each system.  Especially noteworthy is all parts are interchangeable, from the first unit every produced to the one made just yesterday. This will make your life much easier down the road.

Gone are the days of your maintenance staff yelling at you since you bought your tire spikes here. They no longer will have to drill out holes that don't align when replacing a module. No longer will your staff have to "open" a mounting hole, or "trim" a blade which rubbed against a slot. We have all had it happen to us. Remember back to a time when your people came in upset with you because they were frustrated. After spending needless hours working on something which could have been avoided, they lash out at you.

Interchangeable Sections

Every part fits, every time, because our component parts are made on a CNC. The module's sections are even interchangeable. This makes your life easier down the road as well.

Most roads are sized so most cars and trucks travel the same path. Few, if any, vehicles will have wheels running down the middle of the system. So the modules on either end will undergo more cycles than those in the middle. When you need to replace these end modules, our simple, light weight, 1 ft sections give you options. Your people can switch center sections with end sections in a  few minutes. Now your road is till secure, while replacement parts are shipped to you.


A Strong base, or foundation, is always better than a weak one

Some competitors cut corners by taking the steel plate they cut out components and use this as a base plate. A base plate is the bottom plate where the rest of the module is attached. Some bolt their modules to the base plate. To make the system as strong as possible, we weld the module to the base plate.  Their system doesn't have a solid base plate. It is a flimsy skeleton of a plate filled with cut out shapes, bolted to their modules.

A comparison of our base plate (top) to an actual competitor's. A customer who's system failed prematurely replaced his old system when they bought new PMG surface mounted tire spikes. This was the bottom plate on the customer's original system.

Is this the foundation you want cars driving over every day?

Since these plates can't be seen except at installation (after you already purchased the system) they think this is OK. We don't. To ensure the maximum strength we use solid plates for base plates.

tire killers base plate

Easy Maintenance

Heavy duty, specially ordered, springs are used in the surface mounted tire spikes by PMG. These springs are designed to last 150,000 cycles. At 5 mph these systems have been tested to last as long as 973,202 cycles. Used enough, all systems will eventually need springs, teeth, or even entire modules replaced.

Because the base is solid, this also helps prevent debris from quickly collecting inside your system. Less debris mean less maintenance hassles. In addition, having a solid base make cleaning out of the modules a lot easier. Less time on maintenance is less money spent on the system.

Some competitors force you to tear up the entire section. Since cars will typically run over the same pattern, you don't need to replace entire lengths. Save yourself time, money and frustration with our easy to access system. All your people need to do is unbolt 8 bolts. This gains you access to a 3 blade section. Its easy and affordable enough to swap out this single 3 blade section. You now have easy access to the springs, blades and other components. If all that is required is replacing a few of these items, this is all you need to do. This can be done economically and in a few minutes. This can be done by one person, you don't need two people to lift a heavy 3 foot section.

Small details in surface mounted Tire Spikes Matter as well.


Upgrade to further protect your people and property, FREE. Tire spikes come in red or safety yellow. Coatings are two-part epoxy based paints to provide durability in the harshest of environments. For people who come through our website, we offer a second FREE upgrade, to include and anti-slip compound in the paint. This include components undergoing a 7 step pre-treatment process and anti-slip material added to the coatings. Anti-slip prevents tires spinning on the unit in wet conditions, providing additional safety to your people and equipment.

end caps for tire spikes with anti slip paint

End Caps:

Use end caps to prevent unnecessary fights with car owners. These are rugged caps placed on either or both end if the tire spikes are not going curb to curb. In such applications, we highly recommend end caps. The reason is simple. Avoid the frustration and fighting which comes when someone tries to drive around the tire spike. Arguments ensue when this person damages their tire on the corners as they tried to go around. Even if they did something they know they shouldn't have, we have been told of the arguments. So we highly recommend you have signs and end caps to make your life easier. Seen in the picture, end caps are available by clicking here, or under "Accessories" in the top menu.

surface mounte tire spikes

Latch down clips:

Keep your people save when they are doing maintenance and installation. For visiting this site, you receive this as a second FREE upgrade. The Latch down saves you the risk and concern, of your people getting hurt during installation and maintenance. This simple pins will hold all the of sharpened spikes or blade under the top plate. This way your people don't get hurt transporting or working on them.


*Base modules will last up to ten years. Wear, or consumable, item longevity depends on number of cycles and conditions. A customer in Atlanta went over 3 years before having to replace any consumable parts. The tire spikes were used at a ticket booth.

To maximize life of the system, vehicles should travel no more than 5 mph over the system. We highly encourage signs  and speed bumps at a minimum. You can click on the follow link for these accessories.