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RoadSpike In Action Video

To see an example of the RoadSpike in action, please click on the video below.

To see why the RoadSpike is the safest tire deflation system available to stop high-sped pursuits, in the video please notice:

The Roadspike is pre-deployed.

The deploying officer is starting to lay the Roadspike out before the target is even in sight.  This is possible because unlike fixed spike systems, the Roadspike employs an on-demand system.  While the RoadSpike is not activated, the spikes are nested in the pads, allowing other vehicles to drive over it with no damage to their tires. No longer is your officer threatened with other traffic.

The officer is removed from the road.

The deploying officer  is standing from 18' to 36' off the side of the road. In this video he positioned himself behind his vehicle. No longer is your officer is the direct line of sight of the target. No longer is your officer trying to time throwing a fixed spike strip in front of a vehicle traveling 100+ mph at his/her position. Most importantly, your officer is no longer physically exposed to being hit intentionally or unintentionally.

The RoadSpike can be retrieved at any time.

Once the deploying officer de-activates the spikes, the Roadspike can remain on the road until it is convenient to be retrieved. The officer can even return to his/her cruiser and assist in the apprehension of the target and return later to retrieve the RoadSpike. No longer is the deploying officer endangered by having to quickly pull a fixed spike system with exposed razor sharp spikes flying back at him or her.


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