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On-demand, multi-directional, multiple and single vehicle, physical barrier for perimeter security.

Do you have the duty of finding equipment for Access Control Points (ACPs) or premise and perimeter security? Then the Road Blade is right for you. You will be, and feel, secure knowing this on-demand, bi-directional system is in place. When you buy a Road Blade perimeter security system, you will be confident the personnel and property you are responsible to protect will be safe.

You can use this physical barrier, or vehicle immobilization device, for military, customs or civilian applications. Secure railroad intermodals, airports, parking garages, auto lots, military bases, shipping ports; any place premise or road security in required.

surface road blade tire killer or tire shredders perimeter security
perimeter security at gate
tire shredder and tire spike for two way road control

3 Applications for your perimeter security, or road access control needs.

To meet your unique road needs, PMG offers three different designs. Click on either link below, or use the drop down in the top menu to find specific information. 

  1. Permanent flush mount systems
  2. Permanent surface mount systems
  3. Portable surface mount systems.

Read below for general information which applies to all three designs. 

Each of the three designs provides a physical barrier to disable unauthorized vehicles from entering or leaving a premise. The on-demand functionality allows for the systems to be integrated with other perimeter security equipment. The Road Blade can be directly integrated with arms, keypad entry, gates, heating elements, or other equipment. Click here for video showing a surface mounted Road Blade integrated with arms at an airport parking lot. Want to be able to shut down all road access in under 1.5 seconds? The optional Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) masters are available and will activate all Road Blade at one time.

Our Promise to YOU.

When you buy a Road Blade Tire Shredder for perimeter security from PMG, you will experience years of worry-free operation because the parts you bought are of the highest quality. Our warranty is in place to protect you, and for you to feel secure knowing you are doing business with a company which has been in business for over 20 years and has over 2103 customers. You will feel secure knowing you are receiving a highly effective tire shredding system, which will protect the people and property for which you are responsible. We want you to feel you received an amazing value since we spend time on the details to make your product last longer as well as the easiest, most cost effective system to install. We will give you the information you need to purchase any system so you do not over-buy or under-buy for your specific need.

In short, we will treat you how we would want to be treated if we were calling you.

Your road access is secure because of the sharpened, Stainless Steel Blades.

Each system uses 17-4PH ASTM A747 Stainless Steel Blades. Each 20" module consists of 5 blades.

The blade has 4 separate angles to slice any tire. The outside angles are 77 degrees with the inside angle being 48.5 degrees.

Blades stand 2 3/4" tall and are 3 13/16" wide.

To get all profiles of vehicles, when activated blade distance from blade to blade to 4".

If the blade is retracted, it is fully recessed in the module and vehicles can drive over unharmed.

Blades are field serviceable and replaceable in a few minutes.

Solution annealed and aged to a hardness of RC38 for durability.

perimeter security blade close up

Protect your people and property  since the Road Blade will put any vehicle on its rims immediately.

If you have high traffic volumes such as a boarder crossing, medium volumes such as airports, or low volumes such as parking lots, buying a Road blade will secure your premises. Click here to watch a 30 second video and see for yourself how effective the Road Blade is at immobilizing an "unauthorized" vehicle.

All three designs are eclectically driven. This saves you the headaches, problems, and expenses hydraulic systems are infamous for.

Save money with the re-usability of the blade systems. When an unauthorized vehicles is immobilized, the system can be reused on the very next vehicle. You don't have to shut down the road to re-set a system. Or worse, leave a road unprotected with single use options.

Looking for a perimeter security solution with a geographically challenged road due to time or distance requirements of other systems? Installing a Road Blade solves this problem for you. All you need is 12" of roadway.

tire shredder with truck on rims at access control points

Save Money since the Road Blade is the most cost effective perimeter security system on the market.

The systems themselves are the most cost effective access control  point system when compared to similar alternatives. According to this accessible Commander's Update Brief, the installed flush mounted Road Blade is less than half the total cost of a GRAB system. A GRAB system is a one time use system. The permanent surface mounted system offer you saving of up to 80% when compared to a GRAB system.

To help save you money, the flush mounted surface have the optional preformed trenches. This significantly reduces the amount of time your contractor will need setting the foundation.

As a fully electrically driven system, you also receive significant saving on installation when compared to hydraulic systems.

The 20" modules allow for better road customization as well. Instead of having to buy 6 foot sections, the smaller modules allow you to cover 100% of the roadway. Your risks increase if you have a 10 foot roadway and leave as much as 40% of the road unprotected with a 6 foot system. Adding additional modules are very economical.

Live in an area where you have snow? The Flush Mounted Road Blade is perfect for you. 

You will not have to worry after a fresh snowfall that your system wont work. The optional thermostatically controlled heating elements clear away freezing rain and snow. The heating elements will even clear up to an additional 8" on either side of the system. This make the Road Blade perfect if you have to place it on a road where snow plows or other removal equipment is needed. Now your crew will be able to see exactly where the system is located.

You will not have the hassles and problems of sending personnel out to clear snow. Gone are the worries that you or your people will be called out at 2:00 in the morning because the perimeter security system you bought is frozen, and your people cant get out.

The optional heating elements are available for both military and civilian installations.

road blase tire spike system with heating elemenets

Perimeter Security for Civilian Installations

flush mounted road blade at intermodal

The Road Blade is a on-demand, cost effective perimeter security system used in a range of civilian applications. From Airport road control, to employee parking lots to company headquarters. Buying the Road Blade will allow you to control unauthorized access to any road or lot.

The Road Blade has been used to control thefts, at railroad and shipping intermodals, auto auction and car rental facilities. The Road Blade can be integrated with arms, lights, and keypads so it can be used at both manned and unmanned gates.

To best match your budgets, the Road Blade is available in both flush mounted and surface mounted applications. Need on-demand road control for a limited time? The portable Road Blade offers peace of mind for temporary installations.

Access Control Points for Military and Boarder Installations.

The Road Blade is deployed around the world, providing permanent physical security protection. You will find the Road Blade securing the borders of the United States and other countries. If you need final denial for controlled perimeter requirements as outlined in the Unified Facilities Criteria, use the Road Blade.

You will find the Road Blade at bases from Ft. Bragg to Offutt AFB. It helps secure the boarders along the Mexican/ US boarder.

The portable Road Blade provides temporary port of call protection for the Navy, including Destroyer Squadron DesRon 22.

Often used in conjunction with spring loaded one-way system to secure the entrance and exit of one lane while permitting unmanned exit control of another lane.

access control points tire spikes (ACP)

Commander's Brief

You can click on the link here is read a copy of the Commander's Update Brief  at Fort Bragg. The brief details the results of an early installation at Ft Bragg. It includes a reference to the DOD 5200.8-R Physical Security Program and how the Road Blade helped meet these requirements.

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