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Portable Speed Bumps

temporary speed bump

The Portable Speed Bump

Prevent pedestrians from being hit by distracted drivers. Used at schools, parking lots, events, and road work sites.  Perfect for where the DOT will not allow a permanent speed bump, or where snow removal is required. Any place where all you are permitted to use or buy is a temporary speed bump. The portable speed bump was developed and patented by PMG and can easily be deployed by one person. When the portable speed bump by PMG is deployed it will remain secure on the road.

temporary speed hump in front of school

The portable speed bump was developed to protect children at school crossings, pedestrians at events or in parking lots, and workers at road sites.

History of the portable speed bump. Or how a school principal desperately wanted to protect her school children:

The idea for a portable speed bump began when a school official was at a trade show and saw our Road Spike. This nice lady was a principal of a grade school. She called asking if we could send her a unit without spikes. Her intention was to unroll it in front of her school each day at drop-off and pick-up.

The DOT would not allow her to place a permanent speed bump in the road. Where her school was located they had snow in the winter and she was told it would interfere with snow removal. But she felt it was CRITICAL she found something to help. Her concern was she didn't want any of her students hit crossing the road to or from school. This principal said she witnessed too many near misses as too many drivers were distracted. They were not paying complete attention to the road. She had to find something to grab the attention of drivers.

At first we thought this was an isolated case, maybe her school was next to a busy street.  But we wanted to help anyways. Other school officials we talked to repeated the same stories of near misses. In one case we were told of a child getting struck.  The statistics on the dangers to school children due to distracted drivers are staggering.

Alarming FACTS Regarding pedestrians, both school age and adults, getting hit by cars:

  • A CDC study reported,"Pedestrian injuries are a major cause of morbidity and mortality to children."
  • It is estimated that approximately 100 children in the United States are KILLED each year while walking to or from school.
  • reports "that being hit and KILLED by a car is now the second leading cause of fatal injury and forth leading cause of hospitalized injury for California children aged 5-12 years old."
  • A 2009 study by Safe Kids USA found a majority of drivers speed in school zones.
  • This same study revealed 1 in 6 drivers in school zones are driving distracted.
  • Another 25,000 children sustain injuries as a result of school zone accidents, according to DLG law's website.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics found nearly 900 pediatric pedestrians younger than 19 years old are killed each year.
  • The AAP also reported each year 51,00 children are injured as pedestrians.
temporary speed hump in front of school

Should you read the above statistics and think these drivers must be irresponsible members of society know that "50% of children hit by cars near schools are hit by cars driven by parents of students (Kallins, SR2S)"

Distracted Drivers are a Danger:

In 2017, I myself witnessed a crossing guard get struck by a distracted driver at a school crossing. This crossing guard is a full grown man, about 5'10" weights over 200 lbs. He had a bright yellow safety vest on. He was holding a stop sign, and there was another caution sign on a pole being held by a safety cone in the middle of the street. I tell you all this so you can see this is not a small child someone could "have missed seeing".

It was during school hours. We live in a small town and the road in front of this school is a simply two lane road.  From my oldest to my youngest, I have had children attend this school for over 13 years . Thankfully this morning, all the children, including my own, already crossed and were out of the street. If not, they could have been struck as well. The lady said she "didn't see him".

Hopefully by now, you realize the Portable Speed Bump was developed to help address this need. Having a speed bump has proven to help address the dangers of distracted drivers in our school zones.

temporary speed hump in front of school

"The effect of a 20 mph zone resulted in a 38.3% to 41.8% decline in causalities (Borse, 2008)"

A "Review of Evidence -Based Traffic Engineering Measures Designed to Reduce Pedestrian - Motor Vehicle Crashes" study found "Results report that modifications of the built environment can SUBSTANTIALLY (emphasis added) reduce the risk of pedestrian to vehicle crashes. (2003)"

Meaning a simple speed bump can get someone's attention at school crossings.

A portable speed bump gets a driver's attention.

Knowing 50% of all accidents involving a child being hit near a school are by other parents driving their own children to school. We can begin to see most of these people are not bad people. They are parents trying to get their kids to school and do the 100 other things they need to do that day. They are thinking about something else or they are talking to their child. Having driven the same road hundreds of times they 'know' the road. They removed their glance just for a split second. This is the definition of a distracted driver. Unfortunately, this happens too many times near a school crossing. A portable speed bump can help stop a tragedy.

Think of yourself driving over a speed bump. If its unexpected, you immediately look up. Even if it is someplace where you expect it, it does it's job.  You know you will be going over a speed bump, so you slow down and prepare for it. Either way, the speed bump did what we need it to do. It grabs the attention of a distracted driver. Now the driver is focused on the road. The driver will now see the children in the crossing walk.

Events, Road Work, Parking Lots


The Portable Speed Bump was developed for use at school crossings. But other customers have used it in any number of places where they wanted to slow traffic and were not permitted to have a permanent speed bump.

Having distracted drivers at special events is more common than at school crossings. When there is a festival, parade, sporting event, rallies, or any other event taking place, drivers will naturally be distracted. Unfortunately these drivers are distracted at the very time pedestrians are walking to and from the event.

The portable speed bump can easily be unrolled to help protect those people coming to and from your events.

temporary speed hump at arena

Parking Lots:

Some people use the speed bump in their parking lot where they want to be able to control the flow of traffic, or where they need to be able to remove snow in the winter. The portable speed bump can be deployed and taken back up when the time comes.

Road Work:
The portable speed bump can help when road crews need to work on the road. Often they are used in conjunction with flaggers - to help protect the flagger. This is especially true when coming up to an obstructed view where the drivers were not expecting the road crew.