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Permanent Surface mounted Road blade tire shredders

Permanent Surface Mounted Road Blade Tire Shredders

Feel confident in the security you provide your people and property when you buy Road Blade tire shredders. Secure road and perimeter access with these surface mounted tire shredders. If you are to protect a high traffic volume location and want as cost effective a system as possible, buying  surface mounted tire shredders are the most cost effective solution. A surface mount system offers the additional slowing of traffic a speed hump provides. Either way, the surface mount system is a perfect choice.

Used worldwide in civilian, military, and border control installations. You can protect shipping intermodals, order crossings, military bases, airport access, or parking lots. Prevent unauthorized entrance and exits at either manned or unmanned locations. Can be integrated with arms, lights, keypads, or used on its own. Used to stop thefts from intermodals to auto auction lots. Here is a video of the Road Blade integrated with arms.

A very economical access control point system. No major construction required. Easy maintenance keeps future expenses to a minimum.

surface road blade tire killer or tire shredders perimeter security
suv with surface tire shredders
permanent surface mount tire shredders

The RB 4300 permanent, surface mounted, Road Blade tire shredders

When you buy permanent Road Blade tire shredders you provide a physical barrier. Your system will disable unauthorized vehicles from entering or leaving by shredding any tires. This places the vehicle on it's rims immediately, making it unable to proceed. To see how effective the Road Blade is at immobilizing vehicles, click on the link for a 30 second video.

Designed to sit above the road surface. Yet, the profile is only 1 7/8" high, so even low riding vehicles can pass.

The blades can be normally up or normally down, whichever best meets your perimeter security needs. Since the system can be integrated with arms, lights, keypads and more, the Road blade protects both manned and unmanned gates, roads and other access points.

Blades can be activated in 1.5 seconds, faster than rising curbs or bollards.  Here is a video showing how quickly the Road Blade can secure your road. The surface mounted system can handle a single lane, or multiple lanes. The optional Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) button will activate all systems at one location at once. This shuts down all access and exits in under 1.5 seconds.

tire shredders at gate

Significantly reduce risk and potential liability

The Road Blade tire shredders can be activated quicker than rising bollards or other final denial barriers. The tire shredders inflicts significantly less damage to the vehicles than bollards. You do not have the level of risk since this is a less than lethal option when compared to some denial options. For civilian installations, you have less risk when a vehicle is racing down the road. Use of bollards and other denial barriers can result in deaths of the occupants. This exposes you and your company to the possibility of litigation.

Road Blade tire shredders are highly effective at stopping vehicles with significantly less collateral damage and risk.

For military and border installations Road Blade tire shredders provide additional coverage over other systems. Since tire shredders are a less than lethal option, they can be activated anytime. Potentially lethal options can only be used in times of war, or under certain conditions. These other options leave your road and security personnel unprotected most of the time.

Strategic placement of tire shredders can provide additional reaction time for security personnel. They provide intent of unauthorized vehicles.

Commander's Brief

You can click on the link here is read a copy of the Commander's Update Brief at Fort Bragg. The brief details the results of an early installation at Ft Bragg. It includes a reference to the DOD 5200.8-R Physical Security Program and how the Road Blade helped meet these requirements.

Permanent surface mounted tire shredders will not hinder everyday traffic.

When the blades are down, they are fully recessed within the modules. The modules are designed to sit on top of the road surface. Since the modules are only 1 7/8" tall they therefore will not hinder everyday traffic. Yet, they provide the added benefit of slowing traffic.

To reduce accidental damage the supplied pole mount box removes the electronics from the ground.

RB 4300 Standard Package Permanent, Surface Mount,  Tire Shredders 

The standard RB 4300 tire shredders package contains 12 feet of Road Blade modules. Surface mount permanent installations are the most cost effective, since it requires no major construction.

The permanent surface mounted units comes with our unique anchor plating system. These plates can be attached directly to the road surface with a gel paste thixotropic construction epoxy available here.

A motor actuator to raise and lower the blades and its protective housing are included as well. Twelve feet of power and control cables are included to provide the communication conduit between the electrical panel and the actuator box.

RB 4300 Package Contents:

1-Actuator box with 850 lb. torque motor
1- Actuator box protective housing
1- Electrical Panel
1-Power cable (12')
1-Communications cable (12')
7- Road Blade modules
1- Anchor plate with actuator and single module placement.
4- Anchor plates for double module placement.
1- Activation pendant

tire shredders

Standard Packages can be easily modified to meet the unique profile of your roadway. Options can be added such as signs, lights, arms, remote wireless pendants, or other equipment to design the system for your needs.

For technical specifications on the components of the RB 4300 tire shredders click on the link. Or, use the drop down menu at the top of the page.

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