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Flush Mounted Tire Spike

flush mounted one way tire spike
flush directional one way tire killer
one way directional flush mounte tire killer

Responsible for protecting people and property? A flush mounted, one-way tire spike provides safety, security and peace of mind. One way tire spike systems are perfect for allowing unmanned one-way access control of any road. Or used at a guard gate or booth, one-way tire spike systems can be used with arms, lights, or gates to permit people to leave, but no one to enter.

When someone is trying to steal a car from a lot, or going the wrong way and potentially endangering others, you need the system to get the car down immediately. The flush mounted tire spike systems by PMG have machined sharpened tips on the blades. For cars coming the wrong way, these blades protect your people and property by putting the offending vehicle on it's rims immediately.

Our Promise to YOU.

When you buy flush mounted tire spikes from PMG, you will experience years of worry-free operation because the parts you bought are of the highest quality. Our warranty is in place to protect you, and for you to feel secure knowing you are doing business with a company which has been in business for over 20 years and has over 2103 customers. You will feel secure knowing you are receiving a highly effective tire shredding system, which will protect the people and property for which you are responsible. We work so you feel you received an amazing value since we spend time on the details to make your product the best on the market. We will give you the information you need to purchase any system so you do not over-buy or under-buy for your specific need.
In short, we will treat you how we would want to be treated if we were calling you.

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Economical to buy and install,  flush mounted one-way tire spike systems

tire shredder and one way tire killer

When you buy from PMG, you receive a great value on a dependable, flush mounted one-way tire spike systems. Built to provide you with worry free use, easy maintenance, and easy installation.

Built to last using:

  • 1/2" steel top plate, with
  • 1/2" 836 structural steel side walls
  • 31 point weld point process
  • Solid base plates
  • Specially designed springs and teeth
  • Built to handle 75,000 lbs. per axe
  • FREE latch down feature upgrade available
  • For more information, please see below

Watch a video of a 5-axel truck running over a flush mounted tire spike system by PMG.

If you prefer to be able to control road access from both directions, you can learn more by clicking on "RoadBlade" in the drop down menu above, or clicking here.

Avoid "tire clippings" and an office full of angry people wanting you to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

"Tire Clippings" are a very real concern when you are responsible for buying a flush mounted, one way tire spike system. A tire clipping happens when vehicles of a certain wheel profile run over flush mounted systems with straight blades. The tire catches the end of the blade, and as the tire roles forward, the blade 'clips" a piece of the tire. Pieces of tire are actually 'ripped' or 'clipped' out of the tire.

The clipping of tires can be especially costly in employee parking lots, or any place where the same people are going over the tire spike on a consistent basis. One customer had to replace hundreds of tires after installing a tire spike system with straight blades in their employee parking lot.

Piece of mind you can see

You can be assured this scenario doesn't happen to you. Blades with a flat top stop tires from getting 'clipped' on flush mounted tire spike systems. The picture compares a flat top blade with a straight blade. In the foreground is a PMG flush mounted system, which incorporated the flat top blade. In the background is a straight blade system.

Look close. In the background you can see the tip of the blade is touching the tire. As this tire rolls forward, the tip of the blade will "clip" the tire, ripping with it a small piece of the tire. This doesn't put a hole in the tire. Most often tires don't leak the first few times they roll over these type blades. But it can be very costly replacing these tires.

Now look at the picture of the tire rolling over a PMG blade.  If driving the correct direction, the tire never makes contact with the tip of the blade. No contact means no damage can happen to the tire.

tire spike close up

You can watch this slow motion video to see that your customers' tires are safe. Rest assured, when you buy a flush mounted system from PMG, you can be free from this potential issue.

You may be wondering how this impacts car traveling the wrong way?

Sharpened Teeth

Worried someone is trying to steal a car from a lot? Concerned about vehicles going the wrong way and potentially endangering others? Either way, you need a system to get the car down immediately.

The flush mounted systems by PMG have machined sharpened tips on the blades. For cars coming the wrong way, these blades protect your people and property by putting the offending vehicle on it's rims immediately.

Look at the picture. You can see these blades are designed to immobilize a vehicle immediately. Cars going the correct direction are perfectly safe. Vehicles traveling the wrong way, wont be traveling for long.

This is what you need when you are the one people will be looking at regarding your system.

one way directional tire shredder or tire spike

Live where there is snow? Less worries with Counter Sunk holes.

Tire treadles spike systems by PMG were the first to use counter sunk holes which allowed for the use of hex head bolts. Look at the picture again and you can see the counter sunk holes.  The tapered allen head bolt allows for a flush system. This is what we first used. But we learned, over time allen head bolts are more difficult on the customer.

Allen head bolts in these applications tend to strip easily. This ends up where you have maintenance spending hours tapping stripped bolts just to replace a few springs. Ask any mechanic which he would rather try to back out, an allen head bolt with an allen wrench, or a hex head with a full socket. The hex head bolt can be easily removed with any socket set. To do this, we use 1/2" top plates so the bolt holes can be counter sunk 1/4" and still offer a truly flush system with the road.

The use of the counter sunk hole allows for a perfectly flush system, For systems where snow is encountered during the winter, our systems will not interfere with snow removal, nor do they require someone to shovel the system and road crews to work around the flush mounted spike systems.

Heating Elements Protect your property and people year round, even during a snow storm.

Wake up with a new snow fall and feel secure knowing the people and property you are to protect are still safe. Snow and freezing rain can freeze a system. This can lead to your property being unprotected because the blades were frozen down. Or, it can cause you an even bigger headache, when the blades are frozen up, and people can't leave. The last thing you want is a road shut down due to a frozen tire spike system. You can avoid both headaches by incorporating heating elements at the time of installation.

When you buy a flush mounted tire spike system from PMG, you can also buy the optional heating elements. You will avoid the headaches caused by frozen blades because the thermostatically controlled heating elements will clear the tire spike system and an additional 8" on either side.

road blase tire spike system with heating elemenets

The heating elements clearing a path, and the counter sunk bolt holes work great together for snow plows. The thawed area allows snow plows to see the unit. The recessed bolt heads in the counter sunk holes are even with the surface of the road.  Combined, when plowing in the correct direction, these avoid tearing up a section of your system due to their plow blade hitting a bolt head they couldn't see and sticks up.

Quality Components

Gone are the days of your maintenance staff yelling at you because you bought inferior tire spikes. Because you bought tire spikes by PMG. You will have years of worry-free operation because all components are manufactured in house, in the United States. C.N.C. (computerized numerically controlled) milling centers are used to guarantee the quality of each system. All parts are interchangeable, from the first unit every produced to the one made just yesterday.
since you bought your tire spikes here. They no longer will have to drill out holes that don't align when replacing a module. No longer will your staff have to "open" a mounting hole, or "trim" a blade which rubbed against a slot. We have all had it happen to us. Remember back to a time when your people came in upset with you because they were frustrated. After spending needless hours working on something which could have been avoided, they lash out at you.

Every part fits, every time, because our component parts are made on a CNC.

The 1/2" 836 structural steel side ways provide you with a durable system which will withstand the traffic and provide you years of worry-free operation.

Save money with easy maintentenance

You know that lengthy maintenance costs you money. The money spent on labor, on re-routing traffic, on downtime all lead to frustrations. When you buy a tire spike system from PMG you will feel good knowing you have a system designed to keep you protected.

This starts with a solid bottom plate vs. an open bottom plate design. Debris will get in your system. The space where the blades rest will gather debris as vehicles run over it, as the system is up to before permitting access to the system. Since wind and rain bring dust, water and debris, some maintenance is unavoidable. The open, design is said to allow for french draining of the debris. Yet, this is harder and takes more of your maintenance people's time. This also allows dirt to build up from under the unit as heavy rains bring dirt to the open space benether your unit. Your people will spend less time cleaning oput less debris because of the solid base design. In fact. you can even hose out most debris and flush out a system in minutes, vs spending nearly an hour trying to dig out debris.

This gives you the option of being able to instyall a drain system below, if your geography permits. But even if you don't have the room to install a drain, the solid base will allow for easier and quicker service time.

Easier Installation for your Contractor. More Savings, and longer lasting tire spike systems for you

Have you ever had an argument with your contractor? Most of us have. Its not had to imagine sitting in your office with your GC and the fighting back and forth which can happen. You are dissatisfied with the quality> He is screaming this is all he could do because of the materials you supplied him. It goes back and forth. You can buy from PMG knowing we make it as easy for contractors as possible.

You save money and avoid arguing about overruns. One way flush mounted tire spike systems by PMG incorporate a number of details to make it as easy as possible to install. From vertical and horizontal rebar mounts which anchor the system in place while providing strength and stability during the pour; to preformed molds which make construction of trenches a breeze; to one way connections which add stretch to the system while only permitting installation one way. You even save money on shipping when you buy from PMG, because our systems can be shipped by standard LTL pallets.

Sometimes you cant see an uneven pour, or a system which is uneven, but it will cost you down the road. Poor installs impact performace and the useful life of your system. These details help ensure as worry free an installation as possible.

Free latch system upgrade for visting the site. These latch downs hold the blades in place. This make it easier and safer when handling the one -way tire spike system.

Rebar to grab concrete

As seen in the picture the reinforced rebar handles on sides of the modules allows the concrete to grab the system and prevents shifting during installation. Provides additional strength for better quality and performance.

tire spike showing easy installtion points

Castings and tie down

Preformed trenches are available. These reduce the installation time by up to 20 hours while making the system stronger. The time saved at installation is money saved. The horizontal rebar reinforces the strength of the system.

tire spike install

One Way Connections

With the unique PMG locking connections, you will avoid arguments with your general contractor because the male/ female interlocking connections can only be installed one way.


one-way tire spike

Save Money on Shipping

While most competitiors sell in 6 ft sections because its easier on them, you can save money  buying flush mounted tire spike systems by PMG due to their 3 foot sections. This allows the system to be shipped using standard LTL pallets

one way tire spike on pallets

Better Road Coverage

An additional benefit of the 3 foot system is better road coverage. If you have a 12 foot road, 3 foot or 6 foot systems offer 100% coverage. But, if you have a 9 or 10 foot road, now you have between 30% to 33% of the road unprotected. Using one-way tire spike system which come in 3 foot lengths, you have the peace of mind knowing 100% of your road is covered.

To get the longest useful life out of your system, vehicles must be traveling no more than 5 mph. we recommend speed bumps and signs. You can find these under accessories in the top menu, or by clicking here.