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Antiterrorism Physical Security Portable Road Blade

Antiterrorism Physical Security Portable Road Blade

You can provide your people with temporary antiterrorism physical security for road and perimeter access.  When you use a portable Road Blade surface mounted tire shredder you provide final denial, even for temporary access control points. The portable Road Blade can be deployed quickly, and mounted as either portable or semi-permanent.

Tire Shredders from PMG have been used worldwide in civilian, military, and border control installations. For over 20 years, PMG has supplied over 2303 customer to protect people and property. Used in shipping intermodals, order crossings, military bases, airport access, or parking lots. Prevent unauthorized entrance and exits at either manned or unmanned locations. These temporary antiterrorism physical security  tire shredders can be integrated with arms, lights, keypads, or used on its own. Road Blades have been used to stop thefts from installations from intermodals to auto auction lots.

There is no more economical system which can more effectively provide temporary physical security to protect your people.

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The RB 4200 Portable Antiterrorism Physical Security Tire Shredders

The portable RoadBlade antiterrorism physical security tire shredders are designed for medium to low traffic. They are on-demand systems which provide bi-directional traffic control. You can secure temporary access control points on either a semi-permanent or temporary basis. If you are responsible for providing security for temporary or short term deployments, the portable Road Blade is perfect for your requirements.

If you need equipment which can be quickly and easily installed at your ACPs, then buy a portable RoadBlade. Because this portable system does not require any ground work or entrenching, it can be active within a few minuets.

Once installed, blades can be activated within 1.5 seconds, which is quicker than even bollards. It is suitable where installing a permanent system is not preferred or in tactical situations where portability is required. Watch this short 30 second video here to see how quickly blades can be activated.

temporary on-demnad antiterrorism physical security

Provide your personnel with the freedom to activate the system while inspecting the vehicle. The electronic system with manual push button pendant controls gives the guard up to 12 feet of freedom to move away from the system. But while moving the guard still has on-demand control over traffic approaching in either direction.

Durable and Effective Tire Shredding System.

You probably want to know how effective a portable tire shredding system can be at putting vehicles on their rims. You want to be confident that when you buy a portable Road Blade the system will immobilize an unauthorized vehicle immediately.

Here are two videos showing you two different points of view. This first shows a van driving over a Road Blade from a side view.

Next here is a video showing how quickly the vehicle is but on its rims from a front view of the Road Blade.

Concerned the system is durable enough? Here is a 30 second video of the portable Road Blade being run over by a Loader.

Significantly reduce risk and provide protection at anytime.

The portable antiterrorism physical security Road Blade tire shredder can be activated quicker than rising bollards or other final denial barriers.  Since it is a tire shredder it inflicts significantly less damage to the vehicles than bollards. You do not have the level of risk since this is a less than lethal option. Use of bollards and other denial barriers can result in deaths of the occupants.

The Road Blade tire shredder is highly effective at stopping vehicles and immediately place vehicles on it's rims and immobilize the vehicle. You can provide understaffed locations with additional security at their perimeter. All with significantly less collateral damage and risk than other final denial options.

For military and border installations the portable Road Blade tire shredder provides additional coverage over other systems. Since a tire shredder is a less than lethal option, it can be activated anytime. Potentially lethal options can only be used in times of war, or under certain conditions. These other options leave your road and security personnel unprotected most of the time.

Strategic placement of the tire shredder can provide additional reaction time for security personnel. Unauthorized vehicles are immediately put on their rims and immobilized. Portable antiterrorism physical security RoadBlades provide the extra few seconds of reaction time because intent of unauthorized vehicles is clearly identified and the vehicle can not move.

RB 4200 Antiterrorism Physical Security Standard Package Contents:

The standard package contains 12 feet of RoadBlade spike modules, actuator box, portable power pack, activation pendant and portable 12 volt strobe lights.

RB 4200 Contents:

1-Actuator box with 850 lb. torque motor
1-Portable power box
1-Pendant control
1-AC Power cable (24')
1-DC power cable (6’)
1-12 volt strobe light set, red
1-12 Volt strobe light cable (3’)
1 FREE battery charging cable (4’)
1-12 Volt strobe light cable (10’)
2-Mil Spec portable cases
7- Road Blade modules

antiterrorism perimeter security at road

Standard Packages can be easily modified to meet the unique profile of your access control points. Options can be added such as signs, lights, arms, or other equipment to design the system for your needs.

For technical specifications on the components of the RB 4200 portable antiterrorism physical security tire shredder click on the link. Or, use the drop down menu at the top of the page.

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