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PMG Road Spikes, Tire Spikes, Tire Shredders, Spike Strips, Gate and Road Security, Portable Speed Bumps and Perimeter Security Accessories.

If you have the responsibility for road and perimeter security equipment or tire deflation devices, we can work with you to meet your needs. Our high quality, tire spikes, tire shredders, and treadles have been designed and engineered by PMG for the past 15 years to safely protect everyone from police officers engaged in a high speed pursuits; to security personnel who need to determine intent of controlled perimeters; to crossing guards, to pedestrians and workers sharing roads with distracted drivers; to tire spikes for lot and road security.


To safely end high speed pursuits. The Road Spike tire spike by PMG safely removes the officer from the side of the road, provides a controlled deflation while allowing for pre-deployment and post retrieval-meaning other cars can run over it so officers can roll it out and pick it up at anytime.

perimeter security at gate

For perimeter security and access control. The Road Blade tire killer by PMG is a low cost multi-directional tire shredding system which meets DOD 5200.8-R Physical Security Programs requirements and provides final denial for controlled perimeters per the Unified Facilities Criteria.

temporary speed hump in front of school

Protect pedestrians and workers from distracted drivers.

Any place where DOT will not allow a permanent speed bump, but pedestrians or workers are exposed to distracted drivers. The patented Road Guardian portable speedbump by PMG can be rolled out and back up when done.


One way vehicle access control.

Control traffic at parking lots, rental car lots, or any place where one direction vehicle control is required. This low cost treadle tire spike system manufactured by PMG can be integrated with many access control devices from card readers to arms and more.


Everything you require to support your systems. From automatic or manual arms, to lights. Arms,lights, and other accessories can be integrated with one or two way tire shredders. See video here.

If you live in an area with snow, we offer heating elements for either system.


Road Spikes, Road Blade Tire Spike Systems and Tire Shredders doing their job to protect people and property.

Tire shredders stopping truck at access control point
Tire Shredder with truck on rims at access control points

The Road Spike Tire Spike System By PMG

Click here to read about the history of the Road Spike. The Road Spike was designed with officer safety first and foremost. It is the only system in the world which removes the officer from the direct line of traffic and can be pre-deployed. Since the Road Spike tire spike, or spike strip,will not puncture tires until activated, it can be pre-deployed any time before the target vehicle is in sight. Other vehicles can travel over the Road Spike with no damage to their tires.

road spike

The officer can be safely removed 30 feet from the side of the road and stand behind his or her vehicle or another protective barrier. When the target vehicle is in sight, the officer activates the spike with a simple hand level. The spike will come out of their protective pads and embed themselves into the tires of the target vehicle.

The tire spikes are hollow which deflates all tires, even run flat tires, but with a controlled rate of deflation so not to cause the target vehicle to become unstable and endanger nearby officers or other vehicles who happen to be on the road at the same time.

The officer then de-activates the tire spikes and the spikes retract back into their protective pads. This allows for the Road Spike, spike strip to remain on the road while the officer apprehends the people in the target car. Once the person or persons are in the control of the police officer, then the office can go back and retieve the Road Spike at any time that it is safe for him or her to do so.

The pre-deployment and removal of the officer from the side of the road eliminates the risk to other vehicles, but most importantly to the officer deploying the Road Spike. Gone are the days of having to stand on the side of the road with a potentially dangerious person behind the wheel of a car driving 80, 90, 120 mph head first at you, and you having to stand there trying to time throwing a spike strip in front of that car, trying to yank it back and hope you don't get hurt, or hope that another vehicle doesn't get involved.

Click on the Road Spike here or above to learn more.

Road Blade Tire Shredding System by PMG

tire shredder and tire spike for two way road control

The Road Blade by PMG is a versatile multi-directional, on demand tire spike or tire shredding system. The Road Blade is an aggressive tire killer designed to bring a vehicle to its rims immediately. This does a great job in protecting high worth areas such as embassies, military bases, parking lots. The road blade is multi-directional and on demand, meaning that unlike one way tire spikes, the Road Blade can be activated when needed, and when activated, the road is shut down from either direction. The Road Blade has been used at intermodals and auto auction sites to stop theft of vehicles and property where thieves were either driving the wrong way, or laying down  covers over spring loaded one way tire spikes.

By bringing a car to its rims immediately, the Road Blade provides vital reaction time to base security personnel, when they need to determine intent. The Road Blade provides final denial for controlled perimeters per the Unified Facilities Criteria

The Road Blade can be installed in any of three different configurations; flush with the road surface, laying on top of the road, or portable. With the flush mounted units there is an option of installing covers which lay on top of the system when the blade are down to help protect the system from debris or build up. For those in areas of the country where snow is expected, an optional heating element can be installed to melt the snow around the Road Blade for year round service.

road blase tire spike system with heating elemenets
surface road blade tire killer or tire shredders perimeter security

The surface mounted Road Blade Tire Shredding system can be affixed directly to the road. It can be laid on top of asphalt, concrete or even dirt roads. It will stay secure and will not move. This configuration allows for semi-permanent installs. This is a perfect compliment to military gate and road control. It is also very effective for any application where the goal is to control road access with the lowest possible budget.

When the blades at retracted, they are recessed in the modules and the system serves as a mini speed bump. Both the flush mounted and surface mounted systems can be operated manually or integrated with arms, lights, access key pads and other accessories.

The Road Blade Tire Shredding System can also be used as a portable road access control measure. The individual modules can be stacked and transported to the site when needed. Each module will interlock with the next module and either operated with a manual arm, or integrated with gates, arms and lights. This is what DESRON 22, the US Naval squadron which includes the U.S.S. Cole does when they go from port of call to port of call.

For more information on the Road Blade, click here or go to the Road Blade menu page.

Road Blade tire killer

Portable Speed Bumps By PMG

temporary speed bump

PMG developed and patented the portable speed bump. The unit is designed to be transported by one person using the included bag and once unrolled, it will remain secure. Designed for schools, parking lots, events, or any place where the DOT will not allow, snow removal is required, or just someplace where all that is needed or permitted is a temporary speed bump.

temporary speed hump in front of school

Originally developed for school crossings where distracted drivers can endanger children. The portable speed bump can easily be rolled out when students are arriving, then rolled back up and stored in it's bag until the end of the day. The portable speed bump has also been used by road crews and event staffs to get the attention of drivers and to keep by-standers and workers safe.

For more information on the Portable Speed Bump By PMG, click here or go to the Speed Bump menu page


One Way Tire Spike Treadle Systems By PMG

surface mounted directional close up

One way tire spike systems are an economical method for controlling traffic in and out of lots. These systems are manufactured in the United States by PMG and can now be used with arms, gates, key pads and other accessories. These are the spring loaded one way systems most are familiar with at car rental lots.

Our systems are contrusted from high grade 3/8" steel plates and include replaceable teeth and springs. These system can be made in varying lengths to meet the specific lane profile.

Just as with the Road Blade Tire Spike Systems, the Directional One Way Tire Spikes can either be flush or surface mounted.

Our flush mounted One Way Tire Spike system has uniquely designed teeth. These teeth were specifically designed by PMG to allow cars traveling in the correct direction to roll over the teeth and the teeth not to 'clip" the tire. Most systems have a straight blade, the problem with this is that certain car's tires will touch the top of those blades, causing the blade to 'clip' the tire and take a small piece out of the tire. Many people have had to replace tires because of this design flaw found in most other's tire spikes.

The systems designed by PMG today solve this problem, while also being aggressive to deflate tires on any vehicles coming the opposite direction.

flush mounted one way tire spike
suface mounted treadle tire spike system

The one way directional, or sometimes known as treadle systems, tire spikes system can be used with manual or automatic arms, gates, key pads, barriers, heating elements and other accessories. The modular design allows great flexibility to protect your unique access points.

The removable cover plates allow for easy maintenance for the changing of springs or teeth as needed. The heavy duty plates, and special teeth provides the highest quality product available.

To learn more about the One Way Directional Tire Spike system click here, or go to the One Way Tire Spike page from the menu.